Nylon Gossamer

Nylon Gossamer is an ultra-fine transparent nylon tissue, free from adhesive, binders, sizes and pH neutral.

Nylon Gossamer is used by textile and painting restorers and conservators at museums around the world.

It has also long been recommended by the Fan Circle International for use in the restoration of fans and is mentioned in the Book Of Fans by Nancy Armstrong.

It is used by picture restorers for repairing tears and to support weakened tack holes on the tacking margin of a painting.

Weight: 14g/m

Width: 1m

Supply: Supplied in 5m or 10m packs or 50m/100m rolls


Under Conservation
Under Conservation

This painting is under conversation at Imperial War Museum London. In the before and after shots you can see where some areas of the canvas edge are torn, and have been secured using nylon gossamer and BEVA film.

“The Destruction of the Turkish Transport in the Gorge of the Wadi Fara” by Carline, Sydney William


Sharon Ting, The Sanctuary at Brighton Hospital where she has gilded and printed on Nylon Gossamer to create this beautiful installation under glass

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