We run a studio for the restoration of mostly oil paintings. Between my brother Phil & I we have nearly 90 years experience and have restored pictures for the trade and private clients all over the world. Vulpex is probably the most important substance in our range of picture cleaners, it achieves results that no other substance or chemical can and we would be lost without it.

Phil & Chris Salmon

I have been using Renaissance Wax for many years now and love it, especially on my Japanese sword blades and knives for long term storage and for the express purpose of handling blades by people who do not know better. Fingers will leave stains and eventual rust if not protected with your wax. Thank you for a very excellent product. 

Denis Cleaver

Phoenix, Az.

We have found that the preservation abilities of Renaissance wax are beyond expectations and have preserved some of the aluminum, brass and copper trim and bright parts on concours level cars. Our Bugatti type 57 Aerolithe recreation was shipped to the middle east via boat before we had started using Renaissance wax to preserve the brightwork and it had spent 3 month on the sea because the shipping company lost the car. When it had arrived the car was oxidized everywhere. As a counter to that we had a concours level Alfa Romeo that went to Italy that we treated with Renaissance wax before it left and upon its return, the bright aluminum trim was still shining and well protected.

Thomas Douglas

Head of Research & Special Projects, The Guild of Automotive Restorers

Not only do you provide an excellent product, but you back it up with outstanding customer service, and that is a rarity in this day and age.  Thanks again.

Brent Wolff


Up until a year ago we were using briwax on most of our projects; the ones that needed sealing. Using both the clear and on occasion coloured waxes if the colour was relevant. We now use Renaissance exclusively as it is vastly superior. I only wish I'd discovered it all those years ago! We now use the Renaissance wax on almost all our work, for both indoor and outdoor applications. And I let all my clients know that Renaissance wax is what they should continue to use on the items we make for them; as and when it's needed!

Michael Johnson

The Copper Works

I am a collector and small-time dealer of ancient coins, and a dealer of antiquarian books. I've been using Renaissance Wax since the late 90's.  Also, I have found that Renaissance wax is the best possible protector for book bindings of all leather types, and I always apply it to bindings in need of a new life. 

But my primary purpose in writing this is to congratulate you for maintaining the quality and availability of this wonderful product. 

I was glad to add my voice to those who write to you in praise of the Renaissance Wax, as your product is one of the most astonishing things ever invented. Few things, if any, can claim such a wide-ranging effect in preserving humanity's past.

Saul Roll