Renaissance Wax in The Sunday Telegraph

4th October 2020

A can of Renaissance Wax was spotted in The Sunday Telegraph today, in the hands of Sculptor Ben Russel. He was applying Renaissance Wax as the finishing touches to  ‘ Folk ‘, a beautiful piece that was carved from a single piece of stone weighing 350Kg. The work took two…. Read More

Renaissance Wax on BBC’s ‘The Repair Shop’

29th August 2018

In Season 3, Episode 13 of the BBC’s ‘The Repair Shop, Blacksmith conservator Matthew Boultwood was tasked with a tricky repair to a 30-kilo cast iron statue of the Roman God Hercules…. Read More

National Firearms Museum

February 14th 2017

Picreator’s Managing Director Michelle visited the National Firearms Museum in West Virginia, where she was given a tour by Doug Wickland, the Senior Conservator in charge of the museum’s extensive firearms collection. They use Renaissance Wax to protect both the metal and wooden… Read More

How to clean a bronze sculpture

2nd February 2015

Antique Bronze specialises in restoration and conservation of bronze. The following enquiry came to them from Pembroke College in Oxford; this bronze sculpture had been in storage for a while and needed to be cleaned… Read More

New York Public Library Renovation

10th Jan 2012

The main building of the New York Public Library was completed in 1911, and  in preparation for the centennial celebrations it underwent a 3 year restoration project to clean and restore the deteriorating facade… 

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Renaissance Wax in the Antarctic

April 20th 2011

A team from the Antarctic Heritage Trust went to Base W, on Detaille Island, to conserve the hut and its contents. Base W was established in 1956 for the study of meteorology and the ongoing topographical and geological surveying of the…. Read More